Smoke composition white – 3 kg


Artificial white smoke for cinematic purposes. The price is for 1 kg. A match is used for igniting. Theintensity of the smoke depends on the amount of smoke mixtures. You can put it in a fireproof

container or create paths. The smoke is designed especially for cinematic purposes, combat

simulation, fire drills. It may be used only outdoors and away from residential areas and flammable

substances. The package contains 3 pieces over 1 kg





CE certificate CE2231 1395-T1-0167/2013
Packaging 3 kg
Size 155 x 246 mm

Stage smoke white is used outdoors, especially as an artificial fog in film work or theatrical performances. The package contains 3 x 1 Kg composite mix. Simply pour the composite mixture on the ground and cover it with about 5 cm of soil. You ignite it with a min. 3 mm ignition wire on. 1 kg of powder burns for 100 seconds. Beware the smoke may irritate the respiratory tract.